The installation is part of an artistic research about imagination. The audio you will listen to have been recorded during the residency, inside the space of GRUND, after an individual interview each person had with the artist. The people you will listen to are part of the people who inhabited the space of GRUND for the duration of the residency. The recordings springs from an activity which required the participant to engage in an active use of imagination. Through interacting with a phisycal medium, in this case the body of the artist, the dreamers have stimulated in different ways an internal production of images. Each one resulted in a unique language due to the different patterns in the working of our imagination. Different categories of imagination emerged: spatial imagination, memories, abstract imagination and cultural imagination. The research is aimed at stimulating a reflection over the lost knowledge of imagination, over our ability to clasp things with our inner claws. In this times of crisis, to image new futures we need to be in contact with what Colin Wilson defined as “the ability to grasp realities that are not immediately present” : imagination.
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