A degrowth art residency

We move at the intersection of degrowth and art.

We want the degrowth movement to be more colourful, creative, artis­tic, playful, experimen­tal, embodied ... through arts!

Wait, wait, what? De­growth? - Degrowth gives us a hard truth, econom­ic growth cannot contin­ue being our only and common pursuit, this is because it needs infinite resource extraction and social injustices in order to continue.

Until now we have found degrowth to be too much in the academic sphere and we want to move it into our communities by holding creative spaces of artistic co-creation.

The arts can mobilise for socio-ecological change, as they transmit more than we can rationally grasp: our emotions, our rage, our fears, our hopes, and what we fight for. Let our artistic practices be the life-juice of the de­growth movement!

In the art residency, we focus on co-creating de­growth-based art prac­tices. We want to invent, embody and inhabit them together. The art residen­cy allows us to create a community around col­laborative artistic pro­cesses for further action, exchanging and creating tools for art based de­growth practices.

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